MISH Watersports

MISH is a watersports business based out of Gladstone, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, formed to provide access and opportunity to visitors and residents looking to take advantage of the excellent natural resource via recreational water sports.  Derived from the Ojibwa word "Mishigamma", meaning great water, MISH signifies our ties to Lake Michigan and this Great Water.

Jarred Drown

This transplant from the Washington DC metro area has found his own piece of paradise in the UP. 

Jarred has always been willing to pay the price for a little adventure high. As a young boy, before the invention of kiteboarding, he saved his allowance to purchase 2-line power kites to use for getting lifted off the ground on the streets and on the beach. Through grade school, he fell in love with the mountains of New Hampshire and mastered skiing and snowboarding, breaking plenty of bones in the process. After college, he became a certified ski and snowboard instructor to continue to indulge in his love for cool mountain air. 

He married his wife, Jen, in Maui, and it was there on Kite Beach that he was introduced to the sport of kiteboarding. Within no time they went on the adventure of their lifetime, moving from their steady jobs in the big city, to this little known gem called the UP to undertake a new business venture. Here, he discovered his love for mountain biking, affirmed his love for kite boarding, and picked up the sport of snow kiting. 

There is plenty of water out there for everyone, and Jarred is enthusiastic about sharing this passion with others. 

Rick Elrod

Rick's passion for board sports began with skateboarding. As a teenager most days were spent on a board either learning new flip tricks or cruising down hills on a longboard. Growing up in Grand Haven, Michigan, spending time in Lake Michigan has always been one of Rick's favorite ways to spend a summer afternoon. His love for the lakes grew even stronger when a friend introduced him to surfing. Suddenly, whenever he saw the leaves blowing on the trees, all he could think about was surfing. 

As a surfer for about 10 years, Rick was disappointed when he moved to Escanaba and discovered that the waves didn't get big enough to surf. He had a yearning to get back to that feeling of gliding across the water, when finally, he was introduced to Kiteboarding.  Turns out, the same conditions that don't allow for good surf make Escanaba an excellent spot for kiteboarding. Although he loves to spend his free time on the water there are many other activities that he enjoys such as ice climbing, photography, disc golf, xc skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, camping, and generally any activity that involves being active outdoors.

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