Welcome to our review of the 2016 Liquid Force Envy kiteboarding kite

Today we are riding the 9 meter version of this kite and we are really loving the added performance Liquid Force has added to this kite.  The Envy has been around for a long time but if you have ridden a version of this kite from a few years ago you really need to give this kite another look as the 2016 version is light years ahead of where this kite was just a few years back.  

Because they have the super beginner friendly Solo in the lineup Liquid Force has been able increase the speed and performance of the Envy a bit while still keeping it super user friendly.

2016 Liquid Force Envy 9 meter

The Liquid Force team took a little lesson from the WOW which has a super thin leading edge and decided to make the leading edge and struts on this kite just a bit thinner than they were previously.  This helps give the kite better upwind ability, better top end and better lift and float on the jumps than it had before.  The WOW does very slightly beat out the Envy in all of those categories but just by a hair.

The Envy still has a pivotal turn but it is much less pivotal than the WOW and you will notice that this kite generates a nice amount of power in the turn or loop.  It is still not overly aggressive like a C kite but this kite will give you a nice smooth pull when downlooping or redirecting the kite.  This kite is still great for beginners but if you see yourself trying to progress more on the freestyle side of the sport you should definitely go with the Envy.  It is great for unhooking and throwing massive kiteloops as well.

This kite is also an excellent kite in the waves.  Most wave kiters will prefer the more pivotal turn of the WOW but some dedicated wave guys and gals prefer a kite with a bit more power in the turn so if that is you go for the Envy as your wave kite.

2016 Liquid Force Envy Review

We recommend leaving both the front bridle and the rear bridle on the middle setting that the kite ships on.  The kite was designed to be ridden on this setting so unless you have some quirky preference for how you want the kite to perform we suggest you ride it on the stock setting.  

The middle knot on the rear bridle is labeled regular and we recommend using this setting in lighter winds up to medium winds.  We recommend using the furthest knot from the wingtip for medium winds up to the higher end of the wind range of this kite.  We recommend that you use this knot for most of your riding with this kite unless you are feeling a little bit light on power.  Go back to the middle knot if that is the case.  We do not recommend the knot closest to the wingtip in any scenario as this makes the kite more prone to back stalling in light winds and in high winds you can not absorb the gusts as well and sometimes have too much float when coming back down to the water from a jump.

This kite goes upwind great but not quite as much as the WOW.  The fact that it sits just a touch deeper in the window gives it a great feel when you unhook for freestyle or wave riding.  It also helps give the kite a little more slack in the lines after you jump which is great if you want to get into trying handle passes.

Relaunch on this kite is excellent as well.  The Solo does slightly beat out the Envy in this category because it only has one strut but the Envy gets off the water super quick still.

The tradeoff on this kite is that it has a less pivotal turn than the WOW and Solo which is great for freestyle and aggressive freeriding but not the style of kite that most riders will prefer in the waves or for laid back cruising and freeriding.

2016 Liquid Force Envy Kite Review

If you are looking for an all round kite that you can start out with as a beginner and take to the top level of the sport in any direction you choose to go.  Waves, unhooked freestyle, big air and freeriding than the Envy should be your choice 

If you have any questions about this kite shoot us an email mish@mishwatersports.com or call us at 515-999-MISH (6474)

Thanks for check out our review of the 2016 Liquid Force Envy.  


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