Welcome to our review of the brand new 2016 Liquid Force WOW Kiteboarding Kite.

We have been riding the 9 meter and 12 meter versions of this kite a lot and we are loving this kite.  This kite drifts really well and and is extremely stable in the sky.  

It almost as light in the air as the Solo but not quite since it still does have 3 struts.  The leading edge is extremely extremely thin which reduces weight, makes the kite more stable in light winds and makes the kite zip around through the wind window faster!

The 3 standout characteristics on this kite are the turning, jumping and top end of this kite

The kite  is very pivotal in the turn which means that it does not generate much power when you turn or loop the kite.  This makes freeriding, strapless surfing, kiteloops and downlooping the kite extremely easy and manageable.  This makes this kite perfect not only for wave riding but for all round cruising and working on those kiteloops and downloop transitions.

The extremely thin leading edge makes this kite boost the to the moon!  It is the highest jumping kite out of the Liquid Force lineup and it has insane float on the way down.

The top end of this kite is insane.  you can ride the 12 meter in as light winds as the 12 meter envy but you can really push the top end of this kite.  The super thin leading edge helps you use your board to edge off the power when you are riding overpowered.  We have ridden this kite in 25 knots with no problems.

All Liquid Force kites go upwind really well and out of the bunch the WOW points upwind just a hair better than the Envy and Solo.  This is due to the super thin leading edge.  It is actually the same reason that this kite has such good top end.  When you really sink the edge of your board in the narrow leading edge quickly zips beyond the edge of the wind window allowing you to crank upwind and kill the power in your kite instantly

All of the Liquid Force kites have way above average relaunch.  Both the WOW and the Envy relaunch super easy but the Solo does slightly beat out these two kites in this category.  You will still be able to get your kite out of the water super quick but it will maybe take a couple seconds longer than it will take the Solo to get up out of the water.

2016 Liquid Force WOW Kiteboarding Kite Review

The knot options (or tuning options) you use to attach the steering lines to the wingtip are a bit different than most kites.  If you attach the kite to the regular knot in the middle you will notice that the kite will backstall if you pull the bar all the way down to the chicken loop and keep it there. This is intentional and definitely not a design mistake.  What this does is allow you to sheet the bar all the way in and then really crank the kite into a turn which will cause the kite to rapidly backstall into a turn.  This type of turn generates zero power and is a nice option to have for some strapless surfers who prefer that feel.  That being said most riders will prefer the way the kite performs on the knot furthest from the wingtip.  The kite still produces minimal power in the turn or loop and it performs and feels way more similar to the way you will be used to other kites performing.  If you are using a twin tip and using this kite as your all round kite don’t even consider the middle knot and we even recommend using the furthest knot from the wingtip for most people surfing as well.  

The tradeoff for this kite has to do with the type of turn it makes.  This kite does not have much power in the turn which is not the feel that most riders prefer when unhooking.  You can still unhook with this kite but if unhooking is a really important part of your riding we recommend that you go with the envy.  Obviously this kite is good in the surf but for general all round riding, jumping, boosting, spinning tricks, and big air tricks this kite is insane!

If you have any questions about this kite shoot us an email mish@mishwatersports.com or call us at 515-999-MISH (6474)

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